maanantai 30. lokakuuta 2023

Halloween Tutu Doll

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Jsk: Angelic Pretty - Mainden's tutu doll
Tights: Angelic Pretty
Waistcoat: Angelic Pretty
Blouse: Redn queens black legion
Hat: Killstar
Bag: Handmade by Nekkid
Bow: Angelic Pretty

keskiviikko 4. lokakuuta 2023

Medieval inspired - The dress for the Queen

Once upon a time, in far far away queendom, there was a fair lady wearing a long red gown. This gown got inspiration from Cercei Lannister's dresses in Game of Thrones, but also medieval gowns. She made the dress many many years to get it perfect, went trough the hard work of drawing patterns, but never achieved this goal. The fabric was too heavy to be carried on the shoulders, so she put a lot of steel boning in there yet the result was not what she expected. All of this trouble, she decided to finish the project, and the dress will be shown next year in a medieval festival in Hämeenlinna.
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maanantai 2. lokakuuta 2023

Hellocon 2023 - Labyrinth of Dreams

It was time for the largest lolita event in Finland, Hellocon! The designers this year were Atelier Pierrot and Metamorphose temps de fille.
Last year I cound not make it, because I was out of the country. So, I was glad I got an opportunity to take a part for this event.

So, here we have Mister and mrs Darcy!
The first day at Hellocon, our outfits were;
OP: Mine, Will of the Forsaken
Wrist cuffs: Mine, Will of the Forsaken
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Minna Parikka
Accessory: Puvithel, etc.
Handbag: Metamorphose
Hellocon1 Hellocon2
Mr. Darcy
Waistcoat: Mine, Will of the Forsaken
Shirt: Mine, Will of the Forsaken
Pants: Mine, Will of the Forsaken
Hellocon3 Hellocon7
Above a picture of Small group of people from my local lolita commmunity from Tampere.
There was program arranged for the evenin were we could enjoy of burlesk, siging, dancing and of course drinking.

I was wearing;
JSK: Angelic Pretty - Holy Latern
Headdress: Antique Beast
Shoes: Minna Parikka
Bat: Moi meme Moitie
Second day we had a tea party, Thé à la Titania. The theme was fairy queen, but I'm not very fairy type of a person so I was just wearing my favorite lolita brand Moitie. I was trying to pull together the classic lolita look :) I absolutely adore the black and blue combination.
The food was good, I tasted a blue tea that was a match for my outfit :)
OP: Moi meme Moitie
Cardigan: Moi meme Moitie
Choker: Moi meme Moitie
Nekclace: Moi meme Moitie
Socks : Moi meme Moitie
Headdress: Moi meme Moitie
Wristcuffs: Moi meme Moitie
Earrings: Moi meme Moitie
Underskirt: Moi meme Moitie
Shoes: Minna Parikka
I love the Iron Gate print ^^
My winged shoes from Minna Parikka
Mc Donalds on the back makes this picture even more special^^'
The place where the event was happing, was in Helsinki in Vanha Ylioppilastalo. The staircase was excellent spot for taking pictures.
I'm happy that so many people partisipated to this event. Made it so festive!
All the noms. I really enjoy of sea food.
Tampere lolita community in the picture.
Queens of the round table
I really enjoyed this event, and hopefully next year it will happen again!