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My Top Worst Monster High Dolls ^^

30. Haunted / Getting Ghostly Draculaura and Twyla. They are quite ok, littlebit different than rest of the dolls.
31. Catrine Demew: Someone has done something to this doll, do Im not sure what collection it is. She's wearing Twylas clothing.
32. Jane Bloolittle: Im not sure if I like this doll or not. Something with her colours and stuff is wrong, so probably Im going to sell it.
33. Robecca Steam. I like the idea of Steampunk doll, but implementation is not so good.
34. Spectra Vondergeist with light inside. This doll is somehow lame.
35. Originally this doll was a Draculaura. Somebody has done something about it and its actually quite nice :) Shes wearing Operettas clothing.
monster33 monster32
36. Honey Swamp. The Colours are great, but I dont like that hair at all :D
37. Ghoulia Yelps. Not my favorite doll at all, and this is probably the best version of her.
38. Cleo de Nile, second version of the original doll. I like the character in the movie ( she is the true mean bitch ! :D ) , but the doll is not so good. The reason for that would be its the second version of original, the first one would be better.
39. Ghoul Spirit- Frankie, Venus and Spectra. I bought these at low price from Scotland. ( 6£ each )
40.City Of Frights Skelita, I like her makeup, hair and body, but I hate her clothes.
41.Freaky Fusion: Bonita Femur. I like her hair and wings, but I hate her shoes and dress ^^' 668
42. Art Class Abbey. Not just my favorite. I didt like this character on the Monster High movie either. I'm going to sell this.
43. Frankie Stein. This is actually Ghouls Rule doll, but I bought it secondhands so the hair is no longer in good condition. I dressed her for some Frankies extra clothes.
This is some Create A Monster doll, It looked like a shit, so I needed to buy for her a new wig and a dress. Now it's littebit better. Bangs is still like ass ^^
My only Lagoona Blue, The worst of the worst ! I dont like it at all. Its actually from Dance class collection, but she is wearing Robecca Steams clothes. I think I'm going to sell it.

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