torstai 4. kesäkuuta 2020

Fancy shoe photoshoot with little pigs

I bought two pairs of used shoes. I found them as second hand, Minna Parikka's Raquel glitter heels.
I believe someone has bought them from sample sale because I didnt get any shoe box with them.
Anyways, these are very beautiful shoes. I wanted to do some fancy photoshoot for my blog, but I got some little companions!
I had chance to take care of two guinea pigs that I got from my friend. I called them by name, Kalevi and Olavi :D
I have had guinea pigs since childhood and I just love these little pigs! They are SO CUTE THAT I COULD DIE :D
So here are my pics with pigs. ^^
marsu8 marsu1 marsu2 marsu3 marsu4 marsu5 marsu6 marsu7 marsu9 marsu10
Couple pictures without any little helpers. These are much more boring, for sure!
shoes1 shoes2 shoes3 shoes4

tiistai 2. kesäkuuta 2020

Sewing Project: Historical corset and pannier

This is my second try to make a historical corset.
First I tried to do it with Simplicity pattern but it didn't work. This corset is made with Butterick historical corset pattern, and it worked so much better.
The corset is too big for me, and I made size 10. Maybe I am able to sew it smaller, maybe not.
I made the corset with double lining, and full metal boning. It does not make my waist any smaller, but it sure push my boobs up, that´s what I need to for the 18th century dress I made.
I put busk in front to get it dressed faster.
I also made the pannier for the outfit. It seem to be quite light, but worked just fine.
corset1 corset2 corset3 corset5 corset4

Oldies are goldies. New summer shoes!

I just bought... two more pairs of Minna Parikka's pumps! :D
Do you remember when she used to design more elegant kind of shoes? These are a good example of them.
I found this pair of shoes from Vestiaire collective, and someone has put new insoles and heels on these!
Material is powder satin fabric and black patent leather. When I bought them I thought they would be full leather, but I dont mind them be part satin and part leather :)
I do like the old signature more, the diamond hat pin, or whatever it is
These are GREEN high heel sandals. With a some kind of fruit element, maybe avocado :D
Never used, I believe.
Purple combined with green, well that's the challenge for me to create an outfit ^^
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