keskiviikko 1. heinäkuuta 2020

Red dress with red pumps, summer edition!

I had a nice weekend in Tampere, the weather was very hot and sunny. For once, I was able to wear a gorgeous summer dress and pumps!
This red dress is currently my favorite dress, and my Minna Parikka pumps are easy to walk.
I bought a straw hat ( from Helga-neiti ) because otherwise I would probably have received a sunburn.
I bought that cute strawberry straw bag from Collectif. It is from Lulu Huns collection, and totally crap!
It broke right after I took it out of the package. Strawberry came off right away. The buckle on the cover broke the first time it was used. I got this bag like -50% off, but still I cannot recommend it.
I love these red satin pumps with bunny ears :)
Cold beer tastes ooo good in warm weather :)
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That dress is from Pretty Dress Companys collection, made in England:)

maanantai 22. kesäkuuta 2020

Midsummer cruising

Hauskaa Juhannusta!
Happy midsummer!
Midsummer is an important celebration here at the far end of the North.
It is a celebration of light and midsummer, celebrated during the summer solstice. Midsummer has long been associated with various beliefs and spells aimed at securing the future harvest and happiness of marriage ^^
Midsummer brings people by the water, and this year is no exception.
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Thanks to my friend M, who took some pictures about my look :)
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Good food, better mood
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It is difficult to see in the picture, but the moon and the sun are found together in the sky.

" Ja kun kuu ja aurinko ovat yhdessä taivaalla
Minä kerään kaiken pihalle esiin ja poltan"

Sunset and a couple of long cold

keskiviikko 10. kesäkuuta 2020

The ruins of an old stone church

This magnificent place can be found in Pälkäne, it is the ruins of an Old Stone Church.
I got some pretty good pictures from there!
I'm wearing Angelic Pretty's Nightmare op.
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This vintage wool cape is from Helga neiti second hand shop. It has red lining, so I call it the Dracula cape ^^

cape3 cape1 cape2
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