torstai 27. lokakuuta 2016

Mary Magdalene's Alistine Coat

This is my fist item from Mary Magdalene.
Mary Magdalene is a very small Japanese brand which sells out very quickly upon release, because they only make a small number of items.
I was lucky to have this winter coat, which is made of high quality materials ( Angora 60% Wool 40% )
The coat can be modified with removable pelerine, hood, ribbons, collar and cuffs.
Because the coat was very valuable, I expect it to be long lasting piece.
Link to lolibrary
The coat has quite thin lining, so it can not be used at extremely low temperatures as sometimes happens to be in Finland.
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keskiviikko 26. lokakuuta 2016

Green cocktail dress

I ordered this Voodoo Vixen cocktail dress while ago, and I love it!
The colour is amazing and the fabric is flexible and sturdy. I's green satin with black velvet peacocks. The shape of the dress is also great!
I put Alchemy Gothic matching jewelry on me. Emerald Venom Pendant, La Fleur de Baudelaire choker and bracelet + Green Crystal Queen of the Night Earrings. The colour of the dress fits well with colour of my eyes :)
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lauantai 22. lokakuuta 2016

Tartan Lolita Autumn Photoshoot

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Underbust dress and accessories: Designed and sewn by me
Blouse: Red Queens Black Legion
Shoes: Dinsko

perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2016

Three traveling outfits

I wore this outfit when I was visiting in Espoo: Collectif's dress and cardigan. Shoes are Irregular Choise's and bag Metamorphose's. My pearls are for ebay, they are genuine!
The colour of this outfit is little different than I usually use, because Im not so huge fan of pastels :D But I think this works just fine for me!
maajo maajo2 tytöt
I was wearing this outfit during my trip in Kuopio. Picture was taken from an Ikea parking lot :D (I ate good mashed potatoes and meatballs )
I'm wearing Collectif's skirt, cardigan, bag and long coat. Shirt is Lip Service's, boots from Pennangalan. Teal is one of my favorite colours :)
ikea1 ikea2
I was meeting my friends in Kuopio. I'm wearing Collectif's long coat and bag, boots are Pennangalan's. Fur collar is H&M:s and leather gloves from Lindy Bop.
ikea3 ikea7

keskiviikko 19. lokakuuta 2016

Collectif's vintage burgundy wool coat!

I ordered a new winter coat from -->Collectif<--! It´s long wool coat with a magnificent colour: burgundy!
The price of this this coat was reasonable : £137.50.
I really like the shape of this coat, It is tight from the top but also have wide hem.
( Collectif is offering free shipping right now!( for all destinations ) Order need to be more than 50£ )
I am going to prepare for this coat a removable black fur collars and cuffs :)
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keskiviikko 12. lokakuuta 2016

Sewing project: Tartan Lolita Jsk

Hello there!
I made this jsk little while ago, because I had a lot of tartan fabric left.
I tried new kind of hem, which is in three parts. The skirt part of this jsk is really wide.
The upper part of the jsk reaches under the breast.
There is shirring back of the dress, and a decorative lacing in front. I also put some steel bones to the front of the dress, to make it appear more vigorous.
Design, sewing work and pattern making is all made by me.
1 2 3 4 5
I made three ribbons. One for a necklace, one for a headdress and the last one attached to the dress.
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