torstai 29. marraskuuta 2018


Now I have seen them, the ring of standing stones.
Me and my friend Veera took a train from Cardiff to Salisbury station. From there, the distance between Salisbury station and Stonehenge is less than 9 miles so we took a tour bus.
It was raining. A lot.
Guy from Salisbury bar told as that it was the worst day of the year :D
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A crow with a hat
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Even it rained a lot, our hair stood right up to the sky. Somebody would say it is because there is thunder in the air, but I'm saying it is because of the druid magic. Maybe I could travel back in time, just like Claire did in Outlander.
After the tour we went to drink something hot. Mulled wine became our very best friend.
Our clothese were soaking wet!
Christmas was getting started in UK.

tiistai 27. marraskuuta 2018

Traveling in Wales part 1.

It was time for a new adventure, and by that I mean I was going to spend my holiday in UK.
This time it was Wales, and reason for that is I have been everywhere else ( England, Ireland, Scotland )
So I packed my Darth Vader bag, and took my Friend Veera with me, and we flied to London. From London, we took a train to Cardiff.
So, we had booked a great hotel room! I mean it truly was amazing, the Starwars gaming / movie room ^^
The hotel room was in the center of Cardiff city, so we had a short trip everywhere.
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The first culture cocktail was Cardiff castle.
I love castles ^^
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The Welsh Dragon. Y Ddraig Goch
Maybe when I am rich and famous, I will live the place like this ^^
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Our trip actually started on my birthday, we were celebrating already on the airplane :) Untitled
When we reached the hotel, I ordered a margaritas for us. I got the weirdest kind of margaritas ever, maybe it's some Wales kind of style to make it?
iechyd da!

maanantai 5. marraskuuta 2018

Pride and Prejudice Lolita Dress

My latest design!
Black chiffon dress available at my Etsy shop :
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