tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2015

Anna Sui Makeup Boxes

I have upgraded my makeup boxes for new. I got tired of old dusty and ugly jars which all were different kind of.
Ebay is my best friend, and I got all these plastic bottles and jars from there. These are probably not real Anna Sui stuff, but I don't care. Prices were cheap ^^
I had a lot of fun while cleaning and organizing all stuff again :)
Pretty small jar for makeup brushes:
Open box for jewelry:
purkki2 purkki3
Box for makeup remover wipes:
Bigger box for hairbrush etc
Powder box
Small comb and mirrors:
purkki7 purkki9
Anna Sui cover for my Iphone ( there is a mirror inside :) )
Rotating earring jewelry display stand. Now earrings can be found at the same place!
purkki11 purkki12 purkki13

sunnuntai 25. tammikuuta 2015

GG Rose Overnight Bag

I bought a new bag for a long time! This time the bag is big, and its called "overnight bag". Although I think my goods do not fit there for one-night trip :P
Material of the bag reminds me of our wallpaper :D (Link)
bag1 bag bag3 bag7 bag4 bag5 bag6 bag8
Today's outfit is mostly ordered from Fan+Friend, I just love elegant gothic lolita style :)

ON SALE!! Lot of Gothic Clothing, Shoes and Jewelry!

I'm selling my old clothes off. ( My wardrobe is bursting over, I need more space for new clothing )
Condition is good, as good as new, or new. There are brands like Lip Service, Hell Bunny, Aderlass, Pleaser, Iron Fist, Sinister, Restyle. Fan+Friend, Queen of Darkness, Poizen Industries etc etc.
Materials are pvc, lace, latex, velvet, brocade, cotton, tulle, leather etc etc.
Im selling at Huuto.net ( http://www.huuto.net/hakutulos/sellernro/1707891 ) and Im adding more stuff every day. You are welcome to check if there is anything pleasing :)
Sizes are S-M, shoes 39-40-41.

torstai 22. tammikuuta 2015

Sailor outfits

I have updated my sailor outfits! ( I defy the cold weather when I took pictures of these clothes.. it's just too dark inside ) I got a new belt, skirt and two cardigans.
I ordered this short sailor cardigan from http://www.tigermilly.com/, I like the material and short sleeves. It's perfect for summer nights with sailor dress ^^
juttu4 juttu5 juttu3
This new belt is second hand find, its blue pvc with bow.
juttu6 juttu7
I like this new blue 50's style full circular skirt ^^ It is also from Tiger Milly. Blue leo cardigan is from secondhand.
juttu1 juttu2

sunnuntai 18. tammikuuta 2015

My Monster collection ^^

Let me introduce my collection of Monsters :D
People might think that this is crazy. Insane "old" lady buying dolls for herself... but I think they are beautiful and very suitable for decoration. I have now more dolls than ever as a child, and these are much more fantastic than in the old days.
Now no one is saying to me how dolls are too expensive! I can buy as many as I want ^^ ( This is why it is good to be an adult )
monster1 monster2 monster3 monster4 monster5 monster7 monster8

sunnuntai 11. tammikuuta 2015

Simple outfit look great

All of this outfit is from h&m (except for shoes and tights... boots are from Jeffrey Campbell and tights from Lidl :D )

Winter jacket and dress was half price at h&m store, jacket was only 40€ and dress 15€. They look simple but with couple of pretty accessories makes them look more festive. I like the jacket lining color, it also matches the lipstick ^^

I have made that necklace by my self, and earrings are from Restyle.
takki5 takki6 takki8 takki4 takki3 takki2 takki1

Pin Up Couture pumps

I look forward to the summer, because I bought ( by mistake ) three pairs of shoes!
Brand is Pin Up Couture for two of them, and Funtasma for last pair.
I've always wanted red heels with bow. These are almost perfect with low heels, shiny material, with bow and strap. They stay on the foot very well while walking :)
They also fit perfectly with my red polka dot dress ^^ These pumps remind me of ripe strawberries!
pinup1 pinup2 pinup3
I love the sailor style, and these pumps are perfect for it! I have couple of outfits for sailing, but I been missing perfect pumps.
pinup4 pinup5 pinup6
I thought those pumps for these styles:
These shoes are beautiful, the material is satin with black lace. Heels are very low, so I could walk with them longer distances. These shoes were also quite cheap, ~ 30 €. I think these should be used only in good weather, as the material gets dirty easily.
pinup7 pinup8 pinup9 pinup10
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