tiistai 31. heinäkuuta 2018

Sewing Project: Leather vest for men

I got an order, where I had to design a Viking / Game of thrones style vest for men.
So here is the picture what I got, I needed to make something like that.
My vest is made of recycled materials, and I think I made pretty good with them.
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tiistai 24. heinäkuuta 2018

Dark chest of wonders

Pimp my chest !
I found the treasure chest from the flea market!
It is covered with copper, and someone has made beautiful carvings to it.
3 2
From the inside the color was just weird, so I wanted to change it.
I thought that red would fit much better ^^
All I needed was red velvet and contact adhesive.
7 6 5
And here is the result!
4 1

maanantai 23. heinäkuuta 2018

Moments of my summer vacation

I went to places in Helsinki.
Such as Suomenlinna and Korkeasaari. Last time when I visited in those places I was a kid.
This is how the Finnish army recruits people.
The maritime school has open doors once a year, I was in the right place at the right time.
summer16 summer17 summer18
The first aircraft show I have ever seen.
I went inside the submarine.
summer21 summer13 summer4 summer3
Was quite windy, and I was graceful as an elephant ^^
I went to see animals in the Helsinki zoo ( Korkeasaari )
I saw there angry peacocks, disturbed bears and playful tigers.
summer2 summer9 summer1
The bear constantly walked around the circle. I think it wanted to be free :(
summer6 summer5
Good food, good company..
And movies. That's all I need ^^
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