sunnuntai 25. maaliskuuta 2018

Traveling in Italy: Rome

Greetings travellers!
I had a vacation for two weeks so I decided to go to a somewehere new.
I've never been to Italy, so why not?
Now I had the opportunity to see the places I had only seen in books and movies.
So... Colosseum. Everyone has seen the Gladiator movie..? Russell Crowe <3 It was much smaller than what it looks like in the movies .
rome2 rome6 rome4 rome5
Pantheon. Tom Hanks went there in the Angels and Demons movie.
rome23 rome27
The eye
rome24 rome25
The Roman Forum
rome9 rome11 rome13 rome14
The Trevi Fountain. Toss the coin and make a wish. ( I didnt wish a return trip to Rome )
There were LOTS of coins on the bottom.
Workers scrub the floor of the fountain daily to collect visitors' discarded coins. The coins are used for charity.
rome22 rome21
The Spanish Steps,or I would say the tourist steps.
rome18 rome17
This is the street for the designers shops. I went to see the Dolce & Gabbana shop, and the staff looked at me like I was totally in the wrong place, even I was wearing their sunglasses ^^´
I didnt do much of shopping in Italy, but I bought couple of pieces from the vintage shop. I got amazing 50's Italian vintage dress, red vintage jacket and black vintage bell skirt. I will add some pictures to my blog later.
The Italian food is overrated. The pizza tastes like Dr. Oetkers frozen pizza. The spaghetti was stiff, the cheese cake was frozen from inside. At least the wine was cheap and drikable.
I heard that in Italy there would be no wine tax at all
rome30 rome16
Fountain of Four Rivers.
The Fountain of the Four Rivers was the fourth stop on Robert Langdon's "Path of Illumination" in Angels and Demons.
The fountain was smaller and less deep than in the movie.
Castel Saint Angelo.
This castle was the meeting spot of the Illuminati, and is connected to the Vatican through a secret passage.
rome33 rome32
The night view.

sunnuntai 4. maaliskuuta 2018

Pillbox hats and new old shoes

Let me introduce some of my latest shoe shoppings!
Actually I bought these Minna Parikkas Starlet pumps as a 30-year peresent for my self. I was wearing them at my birthday party :)
I love the red patent leather and a heart shaped pattern in them!
I found them used, so I would say they were inexpensive.
1 2 2
I found these Vivienne Westwood Melissa pumps as used too. I love smell of the rubber :D
4 5
I love pink! I'm just not a pink person, if I can say it that way. Pink clothes does not suit me very well. But these lolita style punps cost me so little, so why not? Just this once? I love ribbons and lace <3
I'm wearing them with my lavender color dress in summer :)

Enough of the shoe shopping, I'd like to show you my Pillbox hat collection.
This black one I bought many years ago from a second hand store. It is a true vintage hat, very old.
The hat cost me only 8 euros, but at the time it felt a lot because I was a poor student ^^
I used it once in a funeral, and once with this red dress.

This is the vintage hat too, I added some extra net mesh on it.
I found this black vintage hat from my latest trip in Ireland. One old woman was selling them in a flea market on sunday.
This light blue hat is from the same lady :)
These next hats are new old ones :D
I mean they are new production with old pattern and style. Collectif are selling these hats too, but I bought them from Ebay.
Perfect match with my Pearl coat!
15 13
For this I added some extra flowers and mesh net.
a small blue one
a more casual hat for a cold winter day.
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