lauantai 28. maaliskuuta 2015

Theater - Look

I went to the theater watching the Hobbit. I thought it was fun to see how the whole book was stuffed into three hours :)

Dress: Lady Vintage
Pumps: Pinup Couture
Tights: H&M
Bag: Cybershop
Jewelry: Kalevalakoru
turkoosi1 turkoosi2

tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2015

New sheets and a lighting trick

I promised myself not to buy more sheets. The shelf is full of sheets, most of them are fairly good condition.
But what I can do when I find a good deal? These tartan sheets cost only 11 €/ piece!
lakana3 lakana4
I also found the cushion covers, 4€ / 2 piece. Pvc seems to be covered with lace.
lakana5 lakana6
Here is my lighting trick: I found three led lights from Lidl, the price of them came only ~6€/ 3 piece. Looks pretty fine? :)
lakana1 lakana2

sunnuntai 15. maaliskuuta 2015

Blue velvet

I present to you the latest outfit, which I have designed and sewn.
There is more pictures of it on my sewing blog called Ventosew <--- Link
I really adore and love lolita style outfits. Bad luck it makes me look short and chubby -.-'
I took a littlebit inspiration from Mana ^^
Here a few photos of my blue velvet outfit!
mana9 mana10 mana1 mana3 mana4 mana5 mana6 mana7 mana8 mana11 mana16 mana12 mana13 mana14 mana15
Dress and jacket: Handmade
Pumps: Pennangalan
Handbag: Demonia
Necklace: Handmade / Glitter
Gloves: Fan+Friend

Cinderella movie - look

I went with a friend to the cinema watching Cinderella. He had a birthday, so I offered a movie :)
The movie was pretty good ^^
cinderella1 cinderella2 cinderella4 cindrella3
Dress: Spin Doctor
Boots: Fantasy Shoes / Pennangalan
Bag: Restyle
Undershirt: Leg Avenue
Necklace: Alchemy Gothic
Coat: Lip Service

sunnuntai 8. maaliskuuta 2015

Winona Red

red1 red2 red5 red7 red8 red4 red3
Dress: Lindy Bop Hat: Vintage
Gloves: Kappahl
Necklase: H&M

lauantai 7. maaliskuuta 2015

School Girl

I recently saw a lot of dreams that I would be back in school.
The reason for it may be fear of aging, and the fact that I may not go to school never again. Sometimes I just miss it, but then I remember how poor I was.
school1 school2 school3 school4 school5 school6 school7 school8
Corset: Deadly Girlz
Skirt: Handmade
Shirt: Lip Service
Pumps: Guess

keskiviikko 4. maaliskuuta 2015

Small crafts

Greetings followers!
I did some crafts before my trip to Tampere. I wanted something unique to wear :)
So, I decided to make a new headdress, which would match with my outfit.

It was very easy to make, I needed a bit of supplies: carton, pvc, satin, thread, comb, spiders, roses, latex and mourning veil. Most of this stuff can be found stores like Suomalainen kirjakauppa, or Tiger's shop, or shops like Tiimari was.( Any kind of crafting store ) Halloween stuff can be found even in food store.

I had a lot of fun while making this, I watched movies at the same time :) craft1 craft2
I made matching latex bracelets. It took me almost two hours to prepare these! Bracelets are easy to wear because of pressing studs.
craft3 craft5 craft7
Thanks! More of my crafts can be seen at my sewing blog:

New tableware

Greetings traveler!
My old candlestick broke, so I bought a new one. This new one is much higher than I realized, or maybe our table is too small :P
I liked the old candlestick, I bought it when I was still a student. It has served me well for many years, but now one of the branches broke. Five-branched candelabra looks stupid with four candle.
We decided with my boyfriend to buy a new set of dishes. Our old tableware were made in china-quality. However, it may be Iittala is made in china as well :P Because it is a Finnish design, I think it might be better quality ^^
We chose red and black, which is very suitable with other appliances. ( Link )
astiasto2 astiasto3
We found a new Moccamaster, which color is matching with everything now. We got it cheaper because the store was closing down, Moccamasters are pricey. I like a lot of metallic red <3
astiasto4 astiasto6
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