perjantai 21. lokakuuta 2016

Three traveling outfits

I wore this outfit when I was visiting in Espoo: Collectif's dress and cardigan. Shoes are Irregular Choise's and bag Metamorphose's. My pearls are for ebay, they are genuine!
The colour of this outfit is little different than I usually use, because Im not so huge fan of pastels :D But I think this works just fine for me!
maajo maajo2 tytöt
I was wearing this outfit during my trip in Kuopio. Picture was taken from an Ikea parking lot :D (I ate good mashed potatoes and meatballs )
I'm wearing Collectif's skirt, cardigan, bag and long coat. Shirt is Lip Service's, boots from Pennangalan. Teal is one of my favorite colours :)
ikea1 ikea2
I was meeting my friends in Kuopio. I'm wearing Collectif's long coat and bag, boots are Pennangalan's. Fur collar is H&M:s and leather gloves from Lindy Bop.
ikea3 ikea7

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