lauantai 17. helmikuuta 2018

Making Valentine's Day cards

I just realized that, that I could send Valentine's Day cards. I didn't want to buy a ready card, so I decided to make the cards myself. As always, the idea came out of hands ^^
In Finland Valentine's Day is actually translated as " Friends Day", so I made two cards for my two best friends.

I bought a lot of cardboard where I cut two big cards. I also bought other supplies like Glitter Glue, so I glued to the cards everything what just came to my mind. I also ordered some photographs about me and my friends, and I glued them to the cards. I have taken pretty stuff on hold, like those Monster High pictures.
card2 card1 card4 card5 card6
Some pretty stuff as Friends Day present :)

2 kommenttia:

  1. Apua, miten ihana idea! Saan aina itse pari ystävänpäiväkorttia,täytyy tsempata ja tehdä ensi vuonna itsekin muutamat <3

  2. Kiitos, sain kerranki tällaisen inspiraation niin kävi heti toimeen :)


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