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Pillbox hats and new old shoes

Let me introduce some of my latest shoe shoppings!
Actually I bought these Minna Parikkas Starlet pumps as a 30-year peresent for my self. I was wearing them at my birthday party :)
I love the red patent leather and a heart shaped pattern in them!
I found them used, so I would say they were inexpensive.
1 2 2
I found these Vivienne Westwood Melissa pumps as used too. I love smell of the rubber :D
4 5
I love pink! I'm just not a pink person, if I can say it that way. Pink clothes does not suit me very well. But these lolita style punps cost me so little, so why not? Just this once? I love ribbons and lace <3
I'm wearing them with my lavender color dress in summer :)

Enough of the shoe shopping, I'd like to show you my Pillbox hat collection.
This black one I bought many years ago from a second hand store. It is a true vintage hat, very old.
The hat cost me only 8 euros, but at the time it felt a lot because I was a poor student ^^
I used it once in a funeral, and once with this red dress.

This is the vintage hat too, I added some extra net mesh on it.
I found this black vintage hat from my latest trip in Ireland. One old woman was selling them in a flea market on sunday.
This light blue hat is from the same lady :)
These next hats are new old ones :D
I mean they are new production with old pattern and style. Collectif are selling these hats too, but I bought them from Ebay.
Perfect match with my Pearl coat!
15 13
For this I added some extra flowers and mesh net.
a small blue one
a more casual hat for a cold winter day.

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