tiistai 19. kesäkuuta 2018

Black Gothic Couture Wedding Dress

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Me and my friend went to make this photoshoot at the graveyard, which is really close to my place.
So, we were there for about fifteen minutes when a grandma had already made a call to the pastor who asked us what we are doing, ( he drove with his car firmly in front of us, as we would have tried to run away ), are we kincking some gravestones, if we are summoning a Satan?
We were like WTF.
We had to explain to this wicked asshole that NO, we are not kicking the gravestones, and the Satan IS NOT our boyfriend, that we are hard working, tax paying, responsible adults, and we are only taking couple of pictures here because this is very beautiful place...
SO, where was the famous Christian acceptance for everything ??
I often take pictures in the graveyard, but this was the first time when I had to explain it to someone... who was VERY UNPLEASANT. If you are wearing a black dress, you must be the Satan worshipper, right?
BURN you all in hell, christians!

Yes, I got the most beautiful dress ever. and No, I'm not going to get married.
All horns are handmade by me.
Gloves are from Restyle.
The taste of shit was left in the mouth because of this. Thank you very much you, grandma! Next time you see Satan worshipers, you should go to ask them, if they really are that. And if not, I hope you die in pain and alone. SOON.

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