tiistai 23. kesäkuuta 2015

The trip to Scotland, part 1.

This trip to Scotland was the third time for me, but I never get bored with it. I have also visited once in London, last year.
There's so much to see in Scotland, but never enough time :)
My flight went from Helsinki via Amsterdam to Edinburgh. Fortunately, change of the airplane did not take long.
I packed lightly, so I could bring a lot of stuff back :D
I took with me only sea-themed clothes, so they are easy to mix and match.
My travel outfit:
skot1 skot2
The flight was on time. ( Flight took off at seven in the morning, so I had to be at the airport at five-.- ')
The first hour in Edinburgh, and here I am: shopping! :D
I bought a pair of women's "kilt". They were made of wool and made in Scotland. I found also nice kilt pin with familyname "MacLaine", its funny because my last name actually is Laine ^^
I went to see The Elepahnt House cafe. It is famous for the fact that J.K. Rowling started writing the Harry Potter books there.
skot9 skot51
Hot chocolate is the best:)
skot8 skot7
The famous dog. I heard that it's story is similar as the Japanese dog Hachikō :)
The next day I went sightseeing. The weather was not good, but it did not matter. I was staying at Stirling, so I used rentable bicycle to travel short distances. On this picture I'm heading to train station.
It is nice to have an umbrella at Scotland :D
So, these are the Kelpies^^
The Kelpies are 30-metre high horse-head sculptures. These "horses" were designed by Scottish sculptor Andy Scott. Pretty cool!
skot12 skot13 skot14 skot15 skot16
Every time I have been in United Kingdom, I have seen the swans :)
This was the first update of my trip, I hope you like it :)

4 kommenttia:

  1. Those Kelpies look awesome! This posts make me want to see Scotland too. :D

  2. Lovely pictures! Scotland is on my wishlist and someday i will go there, too <3

  3. Oh, I get great tips from your trip. I'll go to Edinburgh next year.

  4. Jade: You should definitely visit at Scotland ! :)

    Lorkyn: I have visited at Scotland twice before this trip, if you are interested you can look my previous updates from Scotland :)

    http://ventovir.blogspot.fi/2013/07/scotland-day-4-edinburgh-part-1.html This is two years ago :)

    linnea-maria: I have a lots of good tips for traveling in Scotland, if you want you can you can take a look at the above link :)


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