sunnuntai 5. huhtikuuta 2015

Club Bella Morte

I made a trip back to Tampere, for club Bella Morte. The first step in the program was a gothic flea market, I found a gorgeous clothes, bag and a necklace. Gothic flea market was my dream come true :)
( I ended up shopping frenzy ^^ )
I took a few pictures of the atmosphere:
bellamorte1 bellamorte2
It was great to see my friend M after a long time. We had a beer and we exchanged greetings.
bellamorte3 bellamorte4 bellamorte7
I look like a bag lady with these shoppings :D bellamorte6
Beverage break at the hotel
bellamorte8 bellamorte9
M looks so pretty <3 (She is wearing a dress that I gave her for Christmas )
This was my look to the club. I found this old dress in the closet, so I decided finally to put it on use :)
( I look like the Amazon women with these heels )
bellamorte11 bellamorte12
Few pictures from a club
bellamorte13 bellamorte14
A more "accurate" picture of the new bat earrings, which I found on eBay.

4 kommenttia:

  1. what is that with all the gothic flea market reports these days? <3 i want too!

  2. Tuo punanen takki on kyllä upea!

  3. Frilly Frenchie: Thanks! :) Usually I got information from Facebook, this gothic flea market was bind to club Bella Morte, I received an invitation from there :)

    Suski: Kiitos, näytän kyllä jotenkin tanakalta se päällä :D Löysitkö mitään kirppikseltä? itse ostin vähän liikaa kaikkea 0_o Toisaalta puolet taas jäi ostamatta :D


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