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The trip to Scotland, part 3.

This is the final update of my trip in Scotland.
I went to see Edinburgh Zoo. The reason for that was I wanted to see the pandas ^^
Heres the picture of Ediburh monument, you can see it as soon as you enter the city. It is for Sir Walter Scott, one of Scotland's greatest novelists * Fact * :D
skot66 skot67
So, heres couple of flamingos at the zoo. I have not seen them before in real life :D
Life bored and depressed monkey. There where most of all monkeys, this is the great zoo if you like monkeys.
( I hate monkeys )
Zebras! They were pretty cool.
Penguins are so cute <3
It was fun to see their running with their short legs ^^
skot72 skot73
Rhino. They eat pretty loudly ^^
Some birds, cannot tell what.
Finally, THE panda! It didnt do much :D
The zoo was full of other animals, of course. I put here just a few of my favorite :)

Once we went to do littlebit hiking. It is really not my thing, but I was able to see lot of Lord of the rings kind of nature.
skot60 skot61 skot53 skot54 skot58
Hiking is not possible without tools for travel ^^
skot59 skot55 The Wallace monument in the background:
The old graveyard:
We went to see Wallace Monument closer, quite a trip up to the top :D
But we were able to get there!
skot64 skot65 skot63
Heres few pictures of the last night before returning home. I learned that you should never get drunk day before going back to home :D
skot85 skot78
A lot of great drinks, lots of choice
Of course we had to take the largest bottle, the Kamikazi!
*Cheers *
Then we went to a Japanese restaurant. I ordered sushi and ramen. And sake. Two bottles -.-'
skot82 skot83
In another bar, I ordered a raspberry mojito. Looks damn good!
.. and here we are, drunk as the Kamikazi!
You cannot imagine how bad I was feeling next 24 hours. I had to wait at the airport for six hours, before I could enter my first flight. Then I had to wait at Amsterdman my connecting flight. And when I got to back to Helsinki, had to drive three hours back to my home. So, what we learned about this? DO NOT DRINK DAY BEFORE THAT :D ( At the same time all the Finns celebrate Midsummer festival in Finland, and I was all alone at the airport. Damn ! )

3 kommenttia:

  1. En kestä noita pingviinejä :''D ♥♥
    Hienon kuuloinen reissu, Skotlanti on tähtäimessä itselläkin ^^

  2. Lovely!! As I love hiking I will definitely do this when in Edinburgh next year ;-)

  3. Selena: Joo ne pingviinit oli välilläaika surkuhupaisiakin :D
    Kannattaa ehdottomasti käydä, ite oon tykännyt kovasti :)

    linnea-maria: There are lots of good terrain for hiking and spectacular landscape :)


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