sunnuntai 29. tammikuuta 2017

New Fabulous Moi meme Moitie Clothing!

I got this Moi-meme-moitié's Six Cross Coat ^^
The colour of this coat is the most amazing! And the design is simple and elegant.
I bought this used, but the condition is good as new. I understand that these are rare and difficult to get.
Beautiful cross buttons.
I like that collar, it reminds me of the bats ^^
I love the lining fabric <3
Pictures are from Gothic Lolita Bible vol 45, Mana is wearing the same kind of coat! :)
mana1 mana2
I got the Alchemy Print Dress! The dress goes for many sizes, because the back part is flexible :)
moimememoitie6 moimememoitie7
The print is so cool.
moimememoitie8 moimememoitie9 moimememoitie11
The dress match perfectly with the coat :)
Same dress as red, pictures are from Gothic Lolita Bible vol. 42. I like it more as blue.
mana4 mana5
Cembalo Trio Print Satin Short Sleeve Long One-Piece ! I need a corset when wearing this ^^'
There is no shirring or anything that could flex. And I have boobs :D
moimememoitie5 moimememoitie4 moimememoitie3 moimememoitie2
The blue lace is so pretty.
Pictures from Gothic Lolita bible. The dress is not the same, but the print is.
And the final dress is Cross & Roses Print Dress, longer version of it. You might have seen it from my previous Moitie update, HERE
This dress is still new design, so it's still available for purchase from HERE.
moimememoitie18 moimememoitie16 moimememoitie17 moimememoitie19
Me wearing the dress:

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