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Traveling in Ireland part. 1

For the first time, I traveled to Ireland!
Ireland has euros and kilometers, rainy weather, and the beautiful landscape.
When I'm traveling, I always compare countries together, my home coutry and the other countries where I've been.
I can tell that Scotland was more beautiful than Ireland, but I met a lot of nicer people in Ireland!
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My friend lives in Dublin so I went to visit him. He had just bought his first home! :)
So what did I do when I first got to Ireland? I went to buy beer! ^^
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I wanted to do a lot of tourist things, so we went to visit in Hill of Tara. It's known as the seat of the high-kings of Ireland. ( Nowadays in Ireland, there is a president who seems to look littlebit like a hobbit )
tarahill 66 copy 21 copy
After that, we went to see the Knowth. It's a 5,000 years old Passage Tomb in Ireland. Those lovely green mounds looks like a very large boobs ^^
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Then we went to see the Newgrange, it is older than Stonehenge and the Egyptian pyramids. It is a large circular mound with an inner stone passageway and chambers. I was able to go inside :)
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No trip is good without castles, so I had to see the Slane Castle! ( Last year, AC/DC played there! )
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I stood in the rain all day, so after the trip I was just wet and cold. So what is the best help for that? Irish Coffee of course! The best drink ever!
The Coffee will cheer you up, whiskey will warm you from the inside out, and whipped cream tastes so sweet <3

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