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Traveling in Ireland part. 2

This update is about my shoppings in Ireland. I looked a lot, but bought only a little.
There are all possible clothing chains in Ireland, that can be found in all other countries too, so no more of that.
On Sundays, it is possible go to shopping at the flea market. It was so much more interesting!
Lot of vintage was available, so I bought two pretty hats.
31 copy 30 copy 29 copy 28 copy 27 copy
I bought that skull for myself :) Today, it's on my living room wall.
32 copy
We went to the Teeling whiskey distillery, I tasted their Irish coffee. Om nom nom <3
They were selling a whiskey that is 33 years old, a one bottle worth 3300 euros ^^
33 copy 61 copy 63 copy 62 copy
Lot of different kind of green items were on sale in thourist shops. Those hats can also be seen in Finland on Saint Patrick's must be chaos in Ireland then :D
114 copy 115
I love silver celtic jewelry. Similar kind of jewelry was also available in Scotland :)
My favorite kind of jewelry are made of silver and has an amethyst stones :)
I bought one ring from this shop, and two earrings. They were sold by a lovely old lady who liked my silvery Kalevala jewelery :)
49 copy 112 copy
Plastic tourist stuff on sale.
78 76 copy 75 copy 74 copy 77
The Disney store. This is still not in Finland!
111 copy 110 copy
After all, if the food and drinks are not counted, I bought very little of anything during my trip.
First of all, I do not need anything.
Secondly, I did not find anything that I really needed to have.
Thirdly, I saw a lot of homeless people in Ireland. It made me really sad. I gave money to an Irish woman, who said she needed it for her child. I do not know whether it was true or did she have any other problem, but still it made me really sad. It also made me think of my own life, and I will make changes in the future.

List of my shoppings in Ireland:
2x vintage hats.
2x silver earrings.
1 x silver ring.
1 x skull.
1x Irish Sheep Magnet.
I also sent ten post cards to Finland

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