maanantai 11. joulukuuta 2017

New Clothing from Collectif

Here is my Black Friday shoppings from Collectif. I got -30% off from all clothing.
I bought this Doris Party Maxi Dress as size 12. The dress feels little loose from the waist and bust, but size 10 would have been too small for hips.
Tulle "tail" is removable.
7 8
I love my nails <3 They always look good!
9 10 6
This is the Collectif Vintage Patrice Faux Fur Collar Dress. I fell for it when my friend M was wearing the same dress ( as red ) on my birthday party.
The dress has removable fur collar and cuffs.
The material is very stretchy. I had to make a couple of new holes in the belt. I'm wearing size 12.
18 23 17 19
This is the Collectif Vintage Anoushka Princess Coat & Cape.
I actually bought this one year ago, when I got -50% off. I really like the shape of this coat, but the material... it's just no good. It´s only 5% wool, and the texture is weird. This coat is not worth of £190.
15 13 14

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