tiistai 29. toukokuuta 2018

Steelfest 2018

Back to the Steelfest!
Finnish weather surprised me, there was no snow! :D
On friday I was wearing a Killstar velvet dress ( I added fabric and lace to sleeves ) , pennangalan boots and black pvc corset.
I used the backpack last time something like lower grade :´D
Our hotel was in Järvenpää, so we went to Hyvinkää by a commuter train
steelfest18 steelfest1 steelfest8
steelfest12 The Group
steelfest10 steelfest9 steelfest7
I went to the bathroom - picture:
I saw the Nocturnal Mortum for the first time <3
steelfest4 steelfest3
And Watain
Me and M
steelfest13 steelfest15
On Saturday I was wearing Restyle blouse,Killstar necklace, Lip service Corset, Red Queens Black Legion Skirt. Pennangalan boots, fishnet tights, Restyle antlers, restyle bat knee straps and harness.
. steelfest steelfest17
In Järvenpää, there is an excellent Irish bar where we visited several times.
steelfest22 steelfest21
We also enjoyed Mexican restaurant food many times ^^
Byeee byeeee ~

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