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Traveling in Italy: Vatican

This is the last blog update about my trip in Italy.
I went to visit the Vatican, my first stop was St. Peter's Church.
I went to the square in the morning, but it was already full of tourists. In fact, the Vatican and Rome are both full of tourists.
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The church was quite... abundant.
I saw Michelangelo's Pietà sculpture.
Santa Clauses in the boxes
Ghost's Papa Emeritus :D
Vatican Museum:
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Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel paintings
7 The Uniform of the Swiss Guards
I sent a number of cards to my friends from the Vatican, and they quickly arrived. I also sent several cards from the Italian side, none of them came to the destination ^^'
This was my hotel room. I came to Italy at the night, and finding this hotel was almost impossible. I was very tired and angry when I finally got to sleep.
17 16
I traveled with Mr Vader ^^
The Mask I bought from Venice ^^
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