tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2019

Moi meme Moitie - Alchemy

I just love gothic lolita fashion. Moi meme moitie is my most favorite brand, and the best colorway is black and blue <3.
I'm wearing Moitie's Alchemy print op. Blue roses are just delightful.
Bag, headdress, choker, socks, blouse, and brooch are also Moitie´s. I´m very happy with my black and blue collection :)
Vest is Angelic Pretty's Horror Garden, wrist cuffs are Bodyline's and gloves from Ebay. Tights are H&M's.
Shoes are Minna Parikka's Raquel patent leather pumps with heart ribbons. My underskirt ( which is a bit too long ) is Atelier Pierrot's.
I love photoshooting lolita fashion, and I'm trying to be as elegant as I can :D
Moitie3 Moitie2 Moitie4 Moitie1 Moitie8 Moitie9 Moitie11 Moitie13 Moitie14

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  1. You look SO stunning! I saw some of these pics on Instagram and I was really impressed!
    And I agree with you: Black and blue is just the best combo!

  2. Thank you!The greatest honor lies with the photographer, I think :)


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