perjantai 2. elokuuta 2019

Moi Meme Moitie Squad vol. 666

I had nice little photoshoot with my friends, I love to dress them up to lolita fashion ^^
I was on my summer vacation, and the photos were taken in my old hometown Kuopio.
I'm using my new Moitie dress, the Silent Moon op which I bought from Wunderwelt.
@sekomaya is using my black & blue Silent Moon jsk, and she looks just like a beautiful doll.
Pippuri is using my white Holy Angel Op.
White is not my color at all, I have been trying to coord my Holy Angel Op many times, but it always looks on me just weird and dull. My friend Pippuri is wearing it much better :) MoitieSquad13MoitieSquad1 MoitieSquad11 MoitieSquad3 MoitieSquad2 MoitieSquad6 MoitieSquad4 MoitieSquad7 MoitieSquad14 MoitieSquad8 MoitieSquad15
Pictures taken by Olli Punto

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