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Third day @ London - Platform 9 3/4 and Camden

Greetings everyone!
On the third day in London we went to visit at Kings Gross train station. The reason was that I wanted to go to Harry Potter store :D ( Suprise! )
Today's outfit with black jeans ( Lip Service ), a simple shirt ( Queen of darkness ) and sneakers ( Citymarket :D )

I'm running through the wall ! ( or maybe not )
This Harry Potter-shop ship stuff outside of UK ( Studio-shop does not ! They have a much better selection. What a pity.)
Next we traveled to Camden, which proved to be a great shopping area ( my friend recommended it to me )
There was a lot of gothic stores, but there was not anything new at selection, and the prices were high (I find them cheaper from ebay). However, I bought two discount shirts and unnecessary plush toys :D (you can see the pictures later of them )
more3 more5 more10
I went to the famous Cyberdog shop. It was the first time when I needed ear plugs in a clothing store ^^
There was hard to see because the lighting was weird, and there were dancers near the ceiling ( I would say that is even more odd ). I bought from there the eggcell and the vampire bottle opener. Cyberdog felt like a nightclub which happend to be a clothing store.
We found a lot of restaurants, food was available from most of countries ( not Finnish :D )
Next we went to Oxford street, stores were mostly targeted for the old and rich people. However, there were something like six floors high H&M :D
more9 more7
We accidentally found a Disney store. I bought the Jack-cup ^^
Princesses were in the old times quite short?
End of the day I drank beer.
The next update we are visiting at Madame Tussaud's Wax Doll Museum.

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  1. Ihania kuvia, näyttää tosi mukavalta paikalta. Katsoin tuota goottikauppakatua kuolaten, kunnes totesin, että tunnistan miltei jokaisen vaatekappaleen mitä siellä myytiin (fiftarityylisen), ja siihen se innostus sitten vähän lakkasikin :) Mutta kaipa siellä olisi muita putiikkeja, joissa olisi ihanaa käydä.

  2. HuggyHare: Niissä goottiputiikeissa oli aika pitkälti samat kamat myytävänä mitä suomestakin löytyy, yhden lipparin hameen löysin mutta sekin maksoi 70£ ( pienenpieni pvc minari ) niin pääti jättää väliin ^^


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