perjantai 10. lokakuuta 2014

First day @ London (Dinosaurs and mummies)

First day outfit: black, black and more black ! ( There was no hope for high heels, I had to walk a LOT )
On the way to the museum found a great background where to pose. That door is higher than my apartment :D
I dont know why that port is called
The days first stop was Natural History Museum.
The museum would have been a wonderful experience as a child, it was okey as an adult too. It was the first time when I saw the skeletons of dinosaurs :) There was featured the large and small dinosaurs. ( I called them constantly Dragons :D )
2 3 4
This picture proves it: I was really there! :D 5
The whale was room-sized
I found the brain. Braiiinnnsssshh!
..if any of it is still unclear... :D
I found myself in a big womb with a huge baby ^^ I was able to hear the heart beat.
I like skeletons ^^
This stuffed bat is a vampire bat ( food source really is the blood )
There was funny mirrors
Okey, our second stop was British Museum. It was quite boring, but I found couple of " interesting" things :D
Something like the ancient cap!
Okay, okay, was there really some great attractions such as the Rosetta stone:
.... and mummies ( I have seen them before, when I visited in Egypt )
After the museum we walked to the river Thames, behind the Big Ben.
Beckingham Palace
British soldier (they didnt really move much, as I have heard :D )
We walked past the Jamie Olivers Italian restaurant, we decided to go in.
It was the first time I got to a celebrity chefs restaurant, and I have never eaten Italian food. I ordered somethin " Jamie recommends" stuff, and this is what I got :D:D
Couple of strange tasteless balls on fat! Jamie criticizes the British unhealthy eating habits on his tv shows, and this is what I got in his restaurant, fat balls? ( Next to me sat a man who was apparently an Italian, and he ordered the same dose as I. When he got it, he almost died laughing ^^ )
This main course cost something like 13£ + service fee + everything else like drinks and appetizers. ( It is a strange thing, in Finland service charge and tip are already in the price of food ) it was quite expensive because I was left hungry. Sorry Jaimie, but you FAIL.
I was left with a poor understanding of Italian food and celebrity chefs.
So, on the way to the hotel I had to buy a dessert, and it was great !

4 kommenttia:

  1. Onpa kivoja kuvia mun suosikki kaupungista ^^

  2. You made me laugh really hard with this post, as I call dragons to the dinosaurs myself :-)
    I do enjoy these travell posts, I hope there will be more coming soon !

    Regards from Transylvannia.

    Violette B.

  3. Of course the dinosaurs are dragons :-)
    That dish was very pricey and didn't look very filling either, good that you bought a dessert to.

  4. Suski: Lontoo oli ihan kiva mesta, jostain syystä tykkään Skotlannista silti enemmän :) Osasyy voi olla möys se että siellä ei ole niin saatanasti noita turisteja.

    Violette B: OOooh you are from Transylvannia? Have you seen Dracula often ? :D ( My favorite movie ever is the Bram Stokers Dracula ) I would like to visit there too!

    linnea-maria: I agree :D


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