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Traveling to London part.1

Greetings dear followers!
Finally I was able spend my "summer" vacation ( now is the autumn here in Finland )so I decided travel to London.
It´s my first time there (I have been couple of times in Scotland before ) I'm excited!
So, my travel partner is a co-worker, and he agreed to take photos of me so I can make for you this awesome update!
Because this is a London-update, I try to write in English (I sound a lot worse than Mika Häkkinen)

This is the very first picture ! Its me, on the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Looks quite dead to me.
Vantaa looks much boring than London, Am I right?
The following picture I look forward to the train. I already have a lot of luggage,so it's quite unpleasant journey to the hotel. ( I'm glad that the trains run from the airport, because taxi is expensive. I am also glad that I have a new suitcase, because the old one was so crappy and difficult to move. I threw it in the garbage.) 2
The First thing what Im going to do in London? I drink beer! Experience is different than in Finland, because Finland does not usually use paint size.
Girl needs to eat, so what I order? Fish and ships of course. The ultimate calorie bomb, with a few bea ;D I could not eat a whole dose, it was just too huge. However, it was good :) (And what Im drinking? Some Swedinsh sugar broth :D )
The first evening we were so tired, so we made only little walking tour to nearest park. It was incidentally Hyde Park with a beautiful fountain and swans :) 5
6 7
Did you enjoy the first update of my holiday? If you did, don't stop reading because the next update will show you very interesting dinosaur skeletons :D
~ Byeee

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