keskiviikko 3. joulukuuta 2014

London souvenirs - rest

This is the last update of my London trip :D *whiii*
I brought lot of stuff from my visit at London, and I was happy that my suitcase was half empty when I got there.
I found this Voodoo Vixen bag from small shop, and I think the owner was glad to get rid of it :P
I found this knit from a street vendor, they seemed to have different prices for different time of the day ( in the morning it was five pounds cheaper )
tuliainen23 tuliainen24
Steampunk Skull
Totoro ^^
Gian eggcell. It is easier to donate or frozen this way :D ( Just put it in the freezer! )
Vampire fangs-bottle opener and rat from the Dungeons. Very useful stuff -.-'
I found two Lolita-stylish shirt from a local gothic shop. They were half the price, so I took both ^^ ( Black and white )
tuliainen15 tuliainen16 tuliainen13 tuliainen14
Two Game of Thrones t-shirts for 15£
joo1 joo2
Six pound bras, and two pound briefs. With those prices female human being goes mad. I know what I'm talking about ^^
tuliainen12 tuliainen11 tuliainen10 tuliainen9
These bras promised to increase the bosom two cup size. They actually keep its promise ^^ ( My boyfriend knows what Im talking about )
Cosmetics. Much cheaper than in Finland, so I took refill package for the powder.
Something black for my eyelashes:
And something gold for drinking. ( I have not tasted gold ever before ^^ )

2 kommenttia:

HuggyHare kirjoitti...

Kivoja ostoksia, nuo tissinpullistusrintaliivit on kyllä joidenkin asujen kanssa tosi käteviä :) Ja pysyy rinnat lämpiminä ohuemmallakin vaatteella pakkasella kun on pehmuketta riittämiin.

Ventovir kirjoitti...

HuggyHare: Joo, ne on hassuja kun saa "tekotissit" helposti ja nopeasti :D

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