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Skeleton woman


I ordered from Restyle ( ) a Skeleton hoodie, and skeleton leggings.

I am satisfied with a hoodie, but leggings are disappointing.
Product picture shows that leggings are black, in reality they are gray. I ordered size L/XL (gladly) it corresponds to the size of medium.

I am also disappointed that Restyle promises free bone hair clip for every skeleton hoodie, but I did not get it.
I also sent an email to Restyle about that ( where is my free bone hair clip !!?? ), but they didn't bothered to answer for me.


I also left feedback about leggings on their website, but they didnt want to publish it. ( Of course, because I was not happy with the product ...)

Here is the picture from their website about leggings:

And this is the reality: ITS FUCKING GRAY!!!
skeleton5 skeleton1 skeleton2 skeleton3 skeleton4

The hoodie I took size of medium. It was fine for me, I usually use size S-M on top. I hope this was helpful, if you are going to order clothes from Restyle.

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  1. Höh, ärsyttävää kun tuotekuvat eivät vastaa todellisuutta eikä vaivauduta edes vastaamaan..

    Mulla on tuo luuklipsi ja se on tosi ihanan näköinen, mutta hajosi ihan liian nopeasti.:/ Klipsi, johon luu on kiinnitetty, on kaareva, ja itse luu luotisuora - kiinnityspinta-ala on mitätön eikä luu pysynyt kiinni. Olen yrittänyt liimata luuta kiinni kuumaliimalla, mutta ei se siltikään pysynyt.

  2. Painajainen: Niinpäniin. Restylellä ei oo ennenkään tuo asiakaspalvelu toiminut hirmu hyvin :/

    Ei siellä vissiin toimi hirmu hyvin nuo korut ja muut härpäkkeet kerta ne joutu vetämään pois myynnisä niitä koruja, koska niissä oli liikaa myrkkyjä ;D Selittää kyllä halvat hinnatkin, verrattaen esim Alchemyn tuotteisiin.

    Pitänee etsiä ebayn ihmeellisestä maailmasta se luupinni, sieltä luulis muutamalla eurolla irtoovan :)

  3. Oh dear, you can not imagine how much I understand you. I have ordered from Restyle several times, and I have had several problems... The quality and size of several items is a joke... And Ewelina is not very nice at all. Anyone can easily see that she was born in a rich polish family and she has the shop as a hobby, so she does what the hell she wants. Returning things is always a nightmare and the photos are not always what they promise. For example, the pin up black dress, vintage style, I ordered it 3 years ago in size M and then it was sold out. It was too small, and when they restocked it a few weeks ago, I ordered it again. What a suprise when it arrived and it was much worse quality than the first one... And she was using the same photos! A shame! My last order was two weeks ago. I ordered the purple military jacket and the new black vintage military dress. The jacket is the best Restyle item I have ever had, and the dress is a shit, as usual. You do right sharing your experience with all of us. You look wonderful in the photos but I would wear the leggings with another item, not the hoodie. I am opening an etsy shop within this week and I am selling the hair clip bones, so, if you are interested, the name will be Xes a Devil and the email:
    Greetings! Sheila Calavera

  4. Sheila_Calavera:
    That information was new to me, about that person behind Restyle-company ^^ So she is modeling all stuff by her self?

    I never even tried to return there anything, because company does not pay shipping, and shipping is most expensive thing from Finland.
    ( usually the companies have free returning.. )

    I ordered once the jacket size M, but the sleeves were too strict even otherwise it was fine. (There was not size table about sleeves ) So I did not return it because it would cost more than the product.

    I think I have the same dress as you have ( black 50´s vintage style ) Funny things happened to it when I washed it... cover fabric shrank so much that petticoat became the sight of about 10 cm.. So I had to cut petticoat shorter :D

    I think I will sell those leggings away, I'm not going to use them because of the color.

    Thanks letting me know about your Etsy shop, I'll focus on it later! :)


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