tiistai 17. maaliskuuta 2015

New sheets and a lighting trick

I promised myself not to buy more sheets. The shelf is full of sheets, most of them are fairly good condition.
But what I can do when I find a good deal? These tartan sheets cost only 11 €/ piece!
lakana3 lakana4
I also found the cushion covers, 4€ / 2 piece. Pvc seems to be covered with lace.
lakana5 lakana6
Here is my lighting trick: I found three led lights from Lidl, the price of them came only ~6€/ 3 piece. Looks pretty fine? :)
lakana1 lakana2

5 kommenttia:

  1. haha, never say never i guess :-) plus who would have said no to pvc/lace pillows?!

  2. Ooh I might have to borrow this lighting trick, it's very fancy!

  3. The led-light trick is great! Nice way to light up something you want to show off. The tartan bed covers are very cute!

  4. kakuidori:
    Yeah, never say never :D I can not resist anything which is made of pvc!

    Ladyfair: Go ahead! :)

    Raveni: Kiitos! :) Vähän kerrassaan sisustellessa.

    linnea-maria: I wish I bought more than one package of led lights, they were so cheap and I still have a lot to be light up :D


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