keskiviikko 4. maaliskuuta 2015

Small crafts

Greetings followers!
I did some crafts before my trip to Tampere. I wanted something unique to wear :)
So, I decided to make a new headdress, which would match with my outfit.

It was very easy to make, I needed a bit of supplies: carton, pvc, satin, thread, comb, spiders, roses, latex and mourning veil. Most of this stuff can be found stores like Suomalainen kirjakauppa, or Tiger's shop, or shops like Tiimari was.( Any kind of crafting store ) Halloween stuff can be found even in food store.

I had a lot of fun while making this, I watched movies at the same time :) craft1 craft2
I made matching latex bracelets. It took me almost two hours to prepare these! Bracelets are easy to wear because of pressing studs.
craft3 craft5 craft7
Thanks! More of my crafts can be seen at my sewing blog:

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  1. that headpiece is simply georgeous, just enough stuff to make it look interesting but not crwoded! <3

  2. kakuidori: Thanks! I had a lot of fun to prepare it :)


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