tiistai 6. elokuuta 2019

Blue Rose Ribbon Blouse

Wunderwelt is selling this Moi meme Moitie's Rose Ribbon Blouse at the moment, but the blue one has been sold out for a some time.
I really like the blue color, and this is the blouse I wanted... so I was lucky to find it from Ebay!
The material is very comfortable, and flows beautifully. I was worried that blouse wouldn't fit to me, because they make only this one size, but it went well to me.
Cant wait to coord this with some of my jsk´s!
Blouse3 Blouse4 Blouse5 Moitie4 Blouse1
Some official pictures from the Wunderwelt.
That jsk looks great.
S__16072785 x-00137-09

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