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What is so fancy about Minna Parikka shoes?


Some of my readers might have noticed that I really like Minna Parikka shoes.

So, what is so fancy about them?

These shoes are expensive. Why I'm willing to pay so much about one pair of shoes?

1. Design. I love elegant and feminine shoes, but still fun and creative. And I love to support designer from Finland.

2. Material.
If it's real leather, I can count on it that it will last more than couple of years.

I have bought some boots from Dinsko ( or some other shitty shoe store ), I didin´t use those boots so much, but still the fake leather started to fall of from them. It would never happen to real leather. It just felt like waste of the money. Usually in expensive shoes, the materials are carefully selected and long lasting.

3. Multiple purposes.
I know people who thinks that those shoes are just for some special occasions, like weddings or funerals.
I have multiple pairs of Raquel shoes from Minna Parikka. I can create many different kind of outfits from classic design with those multi-function pumps. I'm using those shoes as my every day look and outfit. Those shoes get scratched, but that's just life. I'm not counting on it, that I would sell them some day for someone. I buy those shoes only for my self.

4. I don't have to buy them as new.
Most of my shoes are from second hands, like these black patent leather "Susanna" shoes.
These are really old design, made in Italy as they used to be made in the beginning. Still the condition is very good.

Where I can find them?
In Finland, I would start to look for them places like or
For others I can recommend Vestiaire Collective
I also follow Minna Parikka's online store, they have good discount sales for a couple of times of a year.

I'm not saying these points wouldn't apply to the other designers as well, but I have couple of pairs from Vivienne Westwood. I can tell that they do not feel as good on the feet, as Minna Parikkas Shoes.
Parikka3 Parikka4¨ Parikka5

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