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London souvenirs - Claire's

Greetings traveler!
One of my favorite shops at UK is Claire´s. ( )
There are a lot of "important" stuff for sale :D I mean beautiful things that can not be without buying.
I'm glad that they deliver stuff even to Finland! And shipping is free if you buy more than 25£. ( which is very easy to achieve ^^)
Okay, when I was in London, Halloween was coming so there was on sale lot of gothic goods. I could not resist!

There are a lot of offers: such as buy three sets of earrings, pay for two!
Black cross earrings:
Large spider earrings:
Smaller spider earrings:
I found a couple of necklaces that I liked:
Large spider necklace
Large cross necklace
One of the best collections at Claire's is polka-dot products. I bought a makeup bag when last time I went to Scotland, now I found the same series a couple of new from London.
This bag is ideal for traveling because all of my make-up fit in.
I bought a pair of brush for my hair. I found even matching contact lens case for my lenses! claires8
One of these offers was to buy three hair decorations, pay two. I took these:
claires2 claires1
Halloween hair pins:
Halloween eyelashes:
claires6 Halloween hairband:
Cute wallet: I call it drunk wallet because I use it only when I'm going to bar. If I lose it, it does not hurt as much as if I had lost the original with all my cards^^
Lot of nail files, my dog ate the previous
Thanks for watching!

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