lauantai 29. marraskuuta 2014

Small interior things

I would like to introduce a few new things that I have added to my home decoration :)
I bought myself as a birthday present a dragon jewelry box. The Box can hold a lot of jewelry and it is surprisingly heavy.
I like that design of box very much.. and my favorite colour is purple :D The choice of buying it was easy.
sisustus1 sisustus2
I bought two large frames from Ikea.
At first I thought the black frames, but they were sold out. Whites are also beautiful, and they stand out better from wallpaper :)
I had large Victoria Frances calendar years ago, and I've saved it for this kind of things. The pictures are from the calendar.
sisustus7 sisustus9 sisustus8
I found two skull pillowcases from H&M Home. They cost ten euros each.
This black velvet footstool is from Ellos. It looks now pretty disgusting because our dog likes to drool to it ^^
These pillows are from H&M Home too, I like a "leather" and small skulls. Pillow paid 15 euros each.
I found for my dressing table new knobs. These black roses are from H&M home. They are fantastic!
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