keskiviikko 26. marraskuuta 2014

Vento @ Estonia

Kruiis Tallinn oli kena, me sõid ja jõid osteti palju suveniirid!

Greetings taveler ^^
I went on a cruise to Tallinn with couple of my co-workers. Name of the ship was Baltic Queen.
This was the first time as an adult ( When I was child, I went several times with my parents to Mustamäki Market )

The cruise was only for one night, so the trip was quite heavy. I had to buy a lot of souvenirs ( Estonia alcohol is half cheaper than in Finland, so it is common that the Finns are looking for beverages from Estonia..thanks "cheap" Finnish taxes! )Finnish parliament thinks that Finns will stop drinking if its made expensive. ( That is never going to happen :D ) Many bar is out of business because of that. Alcohol taxes in Finland are increased "only" five times in the period 2008-2014 ^^

The trip was smooth, boat didn't swing one way or another. There was lot of old people cruising with us... I hate the Finnish karaoke !! I can't stand it :D
There were also a lot of teenagers ( very drunk ).
I bought myself a cider, most of the money went to the Christmas presents. Cosmetics on boat is slightly cheaper than in land.
Here's couple pictures from cruise:

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