tiistai 27. tammikuuta 2015

Anna Sui Makeup Boxes

I have upgraded my makeup boxes for new. I got tired of old dusty and ugly jars which all were different kind of.
Ebay is my best friend, and I got all these plastic bottles and jars from there. These are probably not real Anna Sui stuff, but I don't care. Prices were cheap ^^
I had a lot of fun while cleaning and organizing all stuff again :)
Pretty small jar for makeup brushes:
Open box for jewelry:
purkki2 purkki3
Box for makeup remover wipes:
Bigger box for hairbrush etc
Powder box
Small comb and mirrors:
purkki7 purkki9
Anna Sui cover for my Iphone ( there is a mirror inside :) )
Rotating earring jewelry display stand. Now earrings can be found at the same place!
purkki11 purkki12 purkki13

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  1. These are amazing!!! I desperately need something to hold my earrings, never seem to find the pair! :D



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