keskiviikko 4. lokakuuta 2017

Traveling in Ireland part. 3

One day, Me and my friend Heikki, took a train to the Kilkenny. In the train was an old lady, who told us the story of her whole life. It was awesome!
I wrote postcards to all my friends^^
So, we went to look a fully restored castle, and the Kilkennys beer brewery.
The landscape is spectacular! :)
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The brewery.
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The street scene
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Yep. That is Heikki and me. The castle is behind us.
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I took some pictures inside the castle. I could live like this sometime!
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Me and Heikki walked to the cliffs of Howth. I would really like to see cliffs of Moher, but they were too far away...
Next time in Ireland, I will see them for sure!
I'm so jealous of these Irish magnificent views. Why is Finland so boring?
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