sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012

There is a little Gothic Lolilta inside of me


Coat: Restyle
Umbrella: Restyle
Shoes: Pennangalan
Bag: Secondhand
Blouse: Fan+friend
Skirt: Fan+friend
Necklase: Handmade
Ring: Glitter

6 kommenttia:

Violette B. kirjoitti...

Oh, you look stunning in these pictures. I would have never imagined that making a Lolita outfit without using "high-lolita brands" were so easy. My congrats, the outfit is exquisite.

Sasetar kirjoitti...

Voi mikä ihana ilmestys! ♥

Hame on ihan mahtava ja tykkään myös paljon tuosta varjosta! ^__^

Frillycakes ♥

Meeow kirjoitti...

wow - this skirt is so stunning! And you are sooooo gorgeous! love it! ♥

ShaDow kirjoitti...

Tuo hame :O UPEA!!

SkeletonOrchid kirjoitti...

You look amazing on this outfit, i loved the high waisted skirt with the blouse, it's such an aristocrat look even tho it is the "cute" version of it.
The place and colouring of the photos it's gorgeus and I do envy the way you handle heels :P

Ventovir kirjoitti...

Violette B:
Thanks :D I still have heart for lolita style, even Im so old :D
There is lot of not-so-high-lolita-brands wich produce more beautiful clothing :)

Sasetar: Kiitos, minustakin varjon muoto on paljon kivempi kuin perus sontsien :D

Meoow: Thanks! I love that skirt too :)

ShaDow: Kiitos! :)

Using hight heel boots and shoes is my favorite hobbies since elementary school :D Little practicing, and youll master it !
I am drunken master with heels too, barely ever fall ! ( even if I wear 20cm hing heels ) :):)

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